Sustainability Scholars Program

What does it mean to be a part of the Sustainability Scholar Program (SSP)?

At the Center for Sustainable Development, we strive to enhance the skills and knowledge you are already gaining from your curricular and co-curricular experiences. We do our best to instill the vision of both the college and sustainable literacy into the scholars who enter the program. Guided by a paradigm of resilience and building upon a holistic foundation of environmental, economic and social sustainability literacy, the Sustainability Scholars Program (SSP) will help prepare students and faculty mentors to be forceful advocates for, and innovative future leaders towards, a sustainable existence.”

The goal of the SSP is to equip students and their respective staff/community/faculty mentors with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to promote sustainability literacy in all forms.

This will be accomplished by:

  • increasing sustainability literacy through coursework, volunteer experiences, and leadership events
  • engaging in real-world sustainability literacy focused experience
  • cultivating leadership skills, as well as critical and creative thinking
  • building systems thinking competencies and the understanding of how these relate to resiliency
  • inspiring commitment and involvement in the College of Charleston becoming a sustainability literate community.

Upon successful completion of the SSP, students will possess the ability to take sustainability literacy forward in their personal and professional lives, as well as future communities of habitation.

How do we prepare you?

  • Pair you with community leaders to show how sustainability can be a part of a professional career.
  • Equip you with mentors who will guide you throughout your time at the college
  • Assist you through sustainability focused and sustainability related courses so that you can use your knowledge for advocacy and systematic change.
  • Provide you with knowledge and skills to be a competitive applicant in the job market.
  • Helping you to create a professional portfolio.

Check out the Sustainability Scholars Program Workbook for more information!

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Please note that all requirements for becoming an Sustainability Scholar must be completed, and where appropriate, uploaded to the SSP OAKS page, by the final day of exams in the semester you graduate.


Any Questions or Interested in being a Sustainability Literacy Scholar? 

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