Green Office Certification Program



Get your office certified through the Green Office Program!  




The mission of the Green Office Certification Program is to support the College of Charleston's campus sustainability goals by providing Faculty, Staff, and Students with the knowledge and resources to integrate social inclusion and environmental consciousness within working spaces.

Through the certification process, we'll evaluate College of Charleston offices based on their actions and commitment to sustainability on campus. This program recognizes offices for achievements in different forms of sustainability and provides the tools and resources to help offices improve.

There are six areas of evaluation: Waste, Energy, Water, Human Health & Environmental Quality, Involvement, and Accessibility. Offices are assessed using an Office Checklist of action items, a Self-Assessment Survey taken by participants in the office, and a waste audit. A resource guide is also available to aid in completing action items. Offices can achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold ranking, and have the opportunity to improve their Green Office status.

By joining the Green Office Certification Program, offices will build productive workspaces and mindsets, work towards conserving energy, resources, and money, and contribute to campus sustainability goals to be Carbon Neutral by 2050 and Zero Waste by 2035.


How to Become a Green Office

Step 1

Identify the Sustainability Ambassador and submit an interest form. The Sustainability Ambassador serves as the point of contact between your office & the Center for Sustainable Development. 

Step 2

Schedule an introductory meeting. The Green Office Intern will briefly review the program and assessment tools with your office staff.

Step 3

Complete Green Office assessments, including the Self-Assessment Survey, Office Checklist, and the Waste Audit. Each participating staff member will complete the Self-Assessment Survey. The Sustainability Ambassador and the Green Office Intern will complete the Office Checklist together. The Waste Audit will be conducted by the Green Office Intern with the Zero Waste team.

Step 4

Get certified! The Sustainability Ambassador will receive the assessment results. Offices will receive recognition and set goals for improvement.


Certified Offices

Congratulations to these certified offices! 

  • Campus Services HQ: SILVER Certified
  • Office of the Provost: SILVER Certified
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies Master’s Program: GOLD Certified (with Distinction)
  • Academic Advising and Planning Center: SILVER Certified
  • Dining Services: BRONZE Certified 
  • Mathematics: SILVER Certified
  • Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art: GOLD Certified
  • Facilities Management (133 Calhoun): BRONZE Certified
  • REACH Program: SILVER Certified
  • New Student Programs: BRONZE Certified
  • Grice Marine Lab: SILVER Certified
  • Registrar's Office: GOLD Certified
  • Transfer Resources Center: GOLD Certified
  • Hispanic Studies: BRONZE Certified
  • Center for Sustainable Development: GOLD Certified









Updated January 2023