Cougar Compost


This program is currently under construction!

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What is it?

The Cougar Compost Initiative offers Warren 1, 10 and 20 residential students the service of having their residence hall food waste collected and composted with a Compost Now 4-gallon bin provided to them, picked up, and cleaned weekly. Here is an opportunity to live sustainably, contribute compost to your local community gardens, and forge a new culture of zero-waste on campus. 

In the 2021 academic year, this initiative will take place as a trial program exclusively at the Warren Residence Halls. With your help, we can demonstrate to the College that our campus is ready for this across campus and expand towards a greener future! 

Do you know anyone who is interested in the program but doesn’t live at Warren, or who wants to support sustainability on campus? Send them our interest survey! Every voice counts to our mission of making zero-waste available campus wide. 

 Resources for Participants

  1. What can I compost? 
  2. Cougar Compost Program Guide 
  3. Cougar Compost Calendar (see image below!) 
  4. More about Compost Now (and what happens once food waste leaves your room!) 

Report an Issue! 

Are you moving residence halls, need to pause your participation, or need to drop out of the program? Please fill out this Google Form and we will be in touch shortly on what to do with your compost bin! 


 Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who can participate in this program? 

Any CofC student who lives in Warren 1, 10 or 20 can participate in the program. We advise you check in with your roommates as well to make sure they are comfortable participating in the program! 

2) Does this cost me anything? 

No, the program is being offered through the Cougar Changemaker student green fund. This project was a student-led initiative that won $5,000 to offer this pilot program! 

3) Do we get multiple bins for one room or just one? 

Each room gets one bin per kitchen. Depending on how many rooms are participating in the pilot program, we may be able to provide additional bins as needed. Reach out to us at

4) How do I stop participation or pause my participation? 

You can fill out this Google Form if you need to pause your participation or drop out of the program. Or, please email us at

5) What happens if my bin smells or gets fruit flies? 

Firstly, always snap on the lid of your bin on all four corners. This will keep smells and bugs at bay. Alternatively, you can freeze your food waste until you're ready to put it out on Tuesday night. Compost Now also has a blog with great tips and tricks on how to reduce issues with your compost bin. 

6) What can I compost in my bin? 

A great question! Check out this guide on what to compost.