At the College of Charleston, walking is one of the primary modes of transportation that students use to get to class and around the peninsula. Thirty-three percent of students walk to and from campus and an additional four percent of students bike. Walking and biking produce zero emissions and various studies have shown that both are beneficial to your health. The College of Charleston is dedicated to making sure our campus is safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

studentwalkingPedestrian Resources:

Want to explore the Charleston peninsula? Here are some resources for greenspaces around downtown Charleston. 

Looking to explore areas off the peninsula? Here are some resources for surrounding parks and outdoor spaces. 

  • The East Coast Greenway runs along the east coast of the United States. The primary section of the Charleston greenway is located in West Ashley which features eight miles of walking and biking paths. 
  • James Island County Park has some beautiful walking paths and trails. 
  • The Ravenel Bridge has a 2.7 mile biking and walking path that goes from the Peninsula over to Mt. Pleasant. This has some of the best views of the city. Remember to pass on the left!