Campus Fleet & Sustainability 

Twenty-five percent of the College's fleet is comprised of all-electric vehicles. The College was the recipient of the Club Car 2020 Sustainability Grant and is now able to jumpstart their sustainability programs in a new all-electric vehicle. 

Additional Sustainable Fleet Initiatives 

Alternative Transportation - Public Transit, Biking, Walking and More! 

Want to learn how to sustainably move around Charleston? Look no further than the College of Charleston’s Alternative Transportation Toolkit!

This Alternative Transportation Toolkit was created with the intention of reducing the carbon emissions that CofC students, faculty, and staff may unknowingly exert through their transportation choices. 

In 2019, the College of Charleston emitted a total of 49,073 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (mtCO2e), of which, 19.4% resulted from commuting. 49,073 mtCO2e is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions from burning 54 million pounds of coal. Single occupant car drivers accounted for 8,217 mtCO2e, which is 86% of total transportation emissions. Public bus riders (10%) and carpoolers (4%) accounted for the remaining 14% of total transportation emissions. Walkers and bicyclists accounted for zero emissions, which is why it is so important to increase the use of these modes of transportation.

Pie chart showing the percentage of students using various modes of transportation to and from schoolPie chart indicating how employees get to and from work using different modes of transportation

This information will be continuously updated through campus wide Commuter Surveys. You can read more about the results of the 2019 Commuter Survey, including recommendations for next steps. By promoting the use of public transportation as well as sustainable forms of transportation, such as walking and biking, the College of Charleston will be able to reduce the amount of emissions that stem from commuting and subsequently reducing our impact on climate change. 

Please click the icons below to learn more about public transportation, carpooling, biking, walking and more at the College of Charleston! 

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