Mini Grants

Sustainability Literacy Institute MiniGrant Funding

*Calls for 2020-2021 are closed.  The call for fall 2021 will open in spring of 2021.*

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2020-2021 CofC Sustains/Solves Theme of the Year: “Global Warming and Climate Change”

Why Offer Mini-Grants?

As the hub for sustainability literacy at the College of Charleston, the Center for Sustainable Development views the engagement of students, faculty, and staff in sustainability projects and events as a high priority. In line with this desire for engagement, the CDS is offering mini grants (up to $1000 per proposal) for the purposes of creating a College community that is empowered to inculcate sustainability literacy. The CSD Mini Grant application should be used to apply for funding from the CSD to help with these endeavors with a specific focus on our 2020-2021 CofC Sustains/Solves theme of the year, “Global Warming and Climate Change.

Criteria for Selection--note student applicants will be re-routed into the ESPC/Cougar Changemaker program, while the below will apply to faculty and staff applications:

1. Overall level of impact of the proposed event/project on students and the campus.

2. Cross-campus collaboration and learning. a. Does the application provide strong evidence it will appeal to multiple Schools, departments, academic programs, clubs, or organizations? b. Does the project/event create a space and context for interdisciplinary discussion, dialogue, and collaboration around the Triple Bottom Line?

3. Connection to relevant QEP goals and student learning outcomes.

4. Connection to the annual QEP theme.

5. The expected number of students reached and impacted.

6. How many legs of the triple bottom line (TBL) the event addresses.

7. The detail of the budget and a plan for implementation.

8. The amount of requested funding.

9. Funding could be dependent on whether similar events/projects have been suggested/offered.

10. The proposal will help the CSD meet its operational goals, objective, mission, and values. 

Things to Note When Applying

Applicants are required to complete all sections of the application form. Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding, as the information provided will be used to select which grant applications are funded. If assistance is needed in planning or budgeting an event/project, CSD staff will be willing to assist applicants complete the process.

Applicants should note that CSD funds are for on-campus (main campus, Grice Marine Lab, Stono Preserve, North Campus, Cigar Factory-MA Historic Preservation) use ONLY and cannot be used to cover travel or expenses related to activities that do not occur on any of these CofC campuses.

Any student, staff, or faculty member may apply for the mini grant. Applications for Spring 2021 will open in October, 2020. Please request from and then send completed applications to the SLI director, Todd LeVasseur, at

**Please note that all events using SLI mini grant funds must be alcohol free.**

**Please also note that minigrant recipients must follow all procurement guidelines and protocols in order to receive SLI monies. Please see the end of this application for further procurement information.**