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Sustainability literacy can be achieved in many ways. One direct approach for students is to take courses that inform them about various areas of sustainability, including social, environmental, and economic (in summer 2022 a list of sustainability related and focused courses that have been approved for academic year fall 2021 will be shared below.)  Sustainability literacy courses can be found by an SF (sustainability focused) or SR (sustainability related) label when looking to register for courses. 

Students can also embrace sustainability literacy through expression. An example of this approach is epitomized in the QEP art exhibits which are frequently on display in the Addlestone Library. Read about it here.  Or students can become a Scholar, or complete the certificate in Sustianable Business Solutions to 21st Century Problems.

Beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year, the SLI formed a two-tier approach for SF/SR courses. Tier 1 requiers no additional assessment and courses can be added into the system at any point in the semester. Tier 2 requires a more rigorous participation in assessment, along with SF/SR cohort meetings, and the call for proposals has closed. 

If you are a current faculty member at The College and would like to submit a Tier 1 course proposal for your courses, please email the QEP director Dr. Todd LeVasseur at  We are always soliciting either sustainability focused or sustainability related courses across the curricula to include in our sustainability literacy efforts! 

Sustainability focused courses are foundational courses in which the primary and explicit focus is on sustainability as an integrated concept that has social/cultural, economic, and environmental dimensions.  They can also be courses in which the primary and explicit focus is on the application of sustainability within a field.  As sustainability is an interdisciplinary topic, such courses generally incorporate insights from multiple disciplines.  Or a sustainability focused course can be one that provides skills and/or knowledge directly related to understanding or solving one or more sustainability challenges.  Such courses do not necessarily cover sustainability as a concept, but should address more than one dimensions of sustainability (i.e. social/cultural wellbeing, economic prosperity, and/or environmental health).  Overall a sustainability focused course should really focus on sustainability as an anchor of the course learning objectives, where 80 to 100% of the course focuses on sustainability competencies, knowledge, and literacy.

Sustainability related courses are those where the course may be primarily focused on a topic other than sustainability, but that does actively incorporate a unit or model on sustainability and its three systems, or a sustainability challenge, and includes one or more sustainability-focused activities, or integrates sustainability issues throughout the course.  So about 1/3rd of the course will deal with sustainability via scaffolding, or a direct unit with lecture/s and reading/s and problem sets.  So for example, while a foundational course such as an Introduction to Chemistry, or Introduction to Sociology, might provide knowledge that is useful to practitioners of sustainability, it would not be considered sustainability related unless the concept of sustainability or a sustainability challenge is specifically integrated into about 1/3rd of the course.

The below are the Fall 2021 sustainability focused and sustainability related courses offered by CofC faculty.  Note these will also count for the Sustainability Scholars program, too:


Sustainability Focused




Sustainability Related