The Quality Enhancement Plan is a campuswide initiative that is being enacted by a broad group of individuals across every school and every office at the College. The College's collective efforts are being coordinated by a steering committee that is led by Professor Todd LeVasseur and Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning Divya Bhati. That committee oversees several subcommittees. To become more involved in this intiative, contact Todd LeVasseur

Leadership Team

Todd LeVasseur

Todd LeVasseur
Director, Quality Enhancement Plan and Director, Sustainabiilty Literacy Institute

Todd LeVasseur is a visiting assistant professor located in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. He teaches within the Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program, Religious Studies Department, for the Honors College, and for the First Year Experience. His focus as a scholar involves the interface of religious beliefs/experiences/institutional identities/practices and cultural narratives and how these shape and are shaped by the natural world. Read more about LeVasseur here.

Divya Bhati  Divya Bhati
  Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
  and Strategic Planning SACSCOC Liaison

  Divya Bhati directs the College’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning. She and her staff provide leadership and guidance to the College’s Board of Trustees, executive team, faculty    and staff in support of accreditation, assessment and strategic planning.

QEP Subcommittees