Meet the Team

CSD Office 

Jen Jones

Jen Jones brings over 10 years of experience working in sustainability at institutions of higher education. She is coming back to the College after serving as the Sustainability Coordinator at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. Jen attended Millikin University in Decatur, IL for her BS in Biology and has a MS in Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston. Jen has a passion for dance and teaches hip hop and yoga in her free time.


Nicole Killen
Associate Director

As the Associate Director for Student Engagement, Nicole works to create experiential learning opportunities, along with intentional events and programs for students to engage with and learn about holistic sustainability. 

Nicole graduated from Christopher Newport University with a BS in Environmental Biology and minors in Environmental Studies and Leadership Studies. Currently, she is finishing a concurrent master's degree from CofC in public administration and environmental and sustainability studies, where her research is focused on sustainable behavior change within athletic facilities at the College. Outside of the classroom, Nicole loves exploring new places, finding fun ways to stay active, and meeting new people.

headshot image of Katie Doherty
Katie Doherty
Zero Waste Manager
Oliver Jones
Web Communications Lead

Oliver is a graduate student pursuing a M.S. in Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the College of Charleston. For his current position as a Graduate Assistant for the CSD, he assists with data collection, management, and reporting for sustainability programs as well as supporting zero waste diversion and aversion initiatives. 

Oliver also spent his undergraduate years at the College of Charleston, graduating from CofC in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and minor in EVSS. The EVSS minor program fostered his interest in the sociocultural dimensions of sustainability, and his current interests include social sustainability, student activism, and institutional sustainable practices.  


Recycling Staff  

Carlos Summersett & Jerome Smalls
Recycling Technician & Recycling Lead


Student Employees

Badriyeh Diab, Reporting, Assessment, & Data Lead
Fall 2022 - Present

Badriyeh is a Fulbright scholar from Lebanon and a graduate student in the Environmental and Sustainability Studies program at College of Charleston. She has joined the Center for Sustainable Development as Cougar Changemaker Committee Chair intern where she will pursue her passions for the environment and community service by encouraging sustainability initiatives run by CofC students.

Badriyeh has an experience of 3 years working with Non-profit organizations in Lebanon and internationally. Before coming to Charleston; Badriyeh was working as Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Field Coordinator in refugee camps with American Near East Refugee Aid NGO. She has also served as the Board of Directors Chair for Youth4Nature Global NGO. Badriyeh graduated with a BS degree in Environmental Health from the American University of Beirut in 2019. In her free time; she enjoys walking, hiking, and socializing.


Regan Krist, Climate Action Lead
Spring 2022 - Present

Regan is a sophomore at the College of Charleston, majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Her passion for sustainability started in high school when she researched alternative fuel options on small island developing states and was codified when she was an intern for the center in the spring of 2022. She is excited to join the team again and engage with sustainability again on campus. Outside of school, Regan can be found in your local Goodwill, exploring Charleston with a camera and searching for the best burrito in the city.

Meghan Lord, Marketing & Communication Lead
Summer 2022 - Present

 Meghan is a sophomore at the College of Charleston majoring in Psychology and minoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Her passion for sustainability developed when she attended the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment in 2019. There, she became interested in how we can use psychology to engage communities with the environment and promote sustainable behavior that will combat climate change. You can often find Meghan in the library, working out with CofC CHAARG, gardening in the parks, and cooking with local ingredients!


headshot of Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark, Campus Outreach Lead
Spring 2023 - Present

Sarah is a sophomore at the College of Charleston majoring in Marketing. She is excited to join the Center for Sustainability in order to make a difference at this school. When Sarah isn't at school or working, you can find her reading a book at a park or exploring new places.

Bailey Crane, Zero Waste Lead
Fall 2023 

Bailey is a junior at the College of Charleston majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Her passion for sustainability began in her freshman year at CofC when she participated in CofC Honor's Honors Engaged program with the CSD. By doing so, she learned the true meaning of sustainability and applied that to her everyday life. Often, you can find Bailey doing yoga, exploring Charleston's beaches and marshes, or sketching around campus.

Grace Squires, Cougar Changemaker Committee Chair
Fall 2023 

Grace is a senior at the College of Charleston majoring in Biology and minoring in both sustainable studies and Spanish. She is a committed member of the sailing team and has competed in three national championships. Grace is fascinated by plants and has a wide variety at home. While growing up in Ohio, she fostered a curiosity for the natural world and its functions. She finds purpose exploring environmental studies and its many layers at the College. Grace loves sharing her passion for the environment with others and is thrilled to be a part of the CSD.

Kevin Riley, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Lead
Fall 2023 

I'm a senior at the College of Charleston majoring in Foreign Language Education and Spanish and minoring in Linguistics. I've always been interested in sustainability, but my interest really grew through visiting the CSD and learning more about its work and the people behind it. I'm also interested in how I can use this experience in my future as an educator. In my free time, I enjoy walking around the city, trying different foods, and visiting new places.

Abigail Hutchison, Cougar Free Store Manager & Reuse Lead
Fall 2023 

Abigail is a senior at the College of Charleston double majoring in Marine Biology and History and minoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Her passion for sustainability developed when she was in middle school after scuba diving for the first time and saw firsthand how rapidly coral reefs were declining due to climate change. Outside of school, you can likely find Abigail at the beach, tending to her plants, or simply spending time with her friends.

Lexi Dowd, Student Engagement Lead
Fall 2023 

Lexi is a Junior in the Honors College perusing a degree in History and Political Science. As a born and raised Southern Californian, she became passionate about sustainability at a young age by seeing how climate change and over consumption was actively effecting her home state. She can't wait to join the CSD team to contribute to the mission of making sustainability accessible to all members of the CofC campus community! Outside of the office, you can find Lexi reading at the beach, running to Taylor Swift, and enjoying the beauty of Charleston with her friends.

Daniel Sanguino, Staff Engagement Lead
Fall 2023

Daniel is a Colombian engineer with a great passion for sustainability. He is an MBA candidate at the College of Charleston. He has over 5 years of experience working in corporate sustainability. His journey has seen him actively contribute to the implementation of circular economy initiatives, the formulation of emission reduction strategies, and fostering meaningful collaborations with various communities. He recently joined the CSD team and is excited to keep learning and help make the College of Charleston an even more sustainable organization. Daniel enjoys walking around the beautiful streets of Charleston and savoring a steaming cup of coffee.

Sophie Ecklund, Community Engagement Lead
Spring 2022 - Present

Nathan Thompson, Project Implementation Lead
Spring 2023 - Present

Lilah Grace Elnaggar
Summer 2023 - Present