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The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) is a hub for sustainability and sustainable development at the College of Charleston.

The CSD is a part of Facilities Management, and maintains strong accessibility by and connectivity to all members of our campus community. The existence of the Center signals a new chapter in the College’s esteemed history while placing this institution centrally into the emerging international efforts for sustainable development. The CSD directs the College's Sustainability Action Plan with ambitious zero waste and carbon neutral goals.

Part of the CSD’s work takes place through the Sustainability Literacy Institute (SLI). The SLI directs and manages the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (Sustainability Literacy as a Bridge to Addressing 21st-Century Problems). The SLI was designed to educate and engage students around the concept of sustainability. The skills, knowledge and literacy they acquire will empower them to effectively address such issues as climate change, social injustice and economic inequality. CofC's QEP-based Sustain/Solves Theme is sustainable cities and communities and campus and CSD sustainability programming in 2021-2022 will address this United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. 

We hope you join us in continuing with CofC's sustainability vision, cultivating ongoing and new sustainability ideas, and strategically implementing these ideas and visions in order to make an ever more sustainable College of Charleston. 


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