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Be a Sustainability Advocate at the College of Charleston

First option, you can attend events around campus.
Second option, you can take courses related to sustainability.
Third option, you can apply for a mini-grant to bring your idea to promote sustainability into fruition.
Fourth option, you can submit artwork to the Student Art Expression of the year.
Our favorite option, you can apply to become a part of the Sustainability Literacy Scholar Program (SLSP)
or Ambassador and do all of the above, and more!

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What does it mean to be a part of the Sustainability Literacy Scholar Program (SLSP)?

At the Sustainability Literacy Institute, we strive to enhance the skills and knowledge you are already gaining from your curricular and co-curricular experiences. We do our best to instill the vision of both the college and sustainable literacy into the scholars who enter the program. Guided by a paradigm of resilience and building upon a holistic foundation of environmental, economic and social sustainability literacy, the Sustainability Literacy Scholars Program (SLSP) will help prepare students and faculty mentors to be forceful advocates for, and innovative future leaders towards, a sustainable existence.”

The goal of the SLSP is to equip students and their respective staff/community/faculty mentors with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to promote sustainability literacy in all forms. This will be accomplished by:

  • increasing sustainability literacy through coursework, volunteer experiences, and leadership events
  • engaging in real-world sustainability literacy focused experience
  • cultivating leadership skills, as well as critical and creative thinking
  • building systems thinking competencies and the understanding of how these relate to resiliency
  • inspiring commitment and involvement in the College of Charleston becoming a sustainability literate community.

Upon successful completion of the SLSP, students will possess the ability to take sustainability literacy forward in their personal and professional lives, as well as future communities of habitation.

How do we prepare you?

  • Pair you with community leaders to show how sustainability can be a part of a professional career.
  • Equip you with mentors who will guide you throughout your time at the college.
  • Assist you through sustainability focused and sustainability related courses so that you can use your knowledge for advocacy and systematic change.
  • Provide you with knowledge and skills to be a competitive applicant in the job market.
  • Helping you to create a professional portfolio.

What are the Curricular requirements?

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Apply for the SLSP no later than the end of sophomore year, or a with a maximum of 60 credit hours
  • Complete at least 9 hours of Sustainability Focused (SF) or Sustainability Related (SR) courses.
  • Meet at least once per semester with a designated sustainability literacy faculty mentor.
  • Participate in at least one Annual Fall Leadership Conference, The LeaderShape Institute Session or TEDU 205: Exploring Leadership - Building Peer Facilitation Skillsheld each year as part of the Ann and Lee Higdon Leadership Program.
  • Create a student portfolio of work that will be evaluated by a staff/faculty/community mentor.
  • Students must provide evidence of sustainability literacy via a sustainability literacy upon applying to the SLSP and the second nearing program completion.
  • Still have more questions? Go to the FAQ and read the handbook!

What are the Co-Curricular requirements?

  • Plan, lead, and carryout (or co-plan/co-lead) at least one sustainability literacy-focused event or sustainability literacy-focused community service project.

  • Attend 6 or more campus events or campus organization-sponsored community service projects with a sustainability-related theme.
  • Assist another SLSP student as a volunteer for their student led event or service project at least twice during the program.
  • Participate in at least one Annual Fall Leadership Conference or The LeaderShape Institute Session held each year as part of the Ann and Lee Higdon Leadership Program. Alternatively, students may also take TEDU 205: Exploring Leadership - Building Peer Facilitation Skills.
  • Provide evidence of community-based engagement with a sustainability literacy focus at a level agreed upon by student and faculty mentor.
  • Still have more questions? Go to the FAQ and read the handbook!

What’s Next?

  • You partner with local organizations and businesses to be a change agent in your community.
  • You acquire a Sustainability Literacy Scholar Certificate.
  • You improve your resume and CV with real world experience.
  • You bolster the knowledge and skills gained from Sustainability Focused and Sustainability Related courses with leadership, event planning, etc.

Have questions?

Send us an email or stop by for a quick chat! We would love to find a way to get you involved that suits your interest!

Todd LeVasseurDirector of SLI

Barry StiefelStudent Enagagement Fellow

Alexandra Heath, Student Engagement and Faculty Outreach Graduate Assistant

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