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Sustainability Literacy Scholars Program FAQ

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The Sustainability Literacy Scholars Program (SLSP)

To be sustainability literate one has the knowledge and skills to advocate for resilient social, economic, and environmental systems.
Guided by a paradigm of resilience and building upon a holistic foundation of environmental, economic and social sustainability literacy, the Sustainability Literacy Scholars Program will help prepare students and faculty to be forceful advocates for, and innovative future leaders towards, a sustainable existence.
The goals of the SLSP is to empower students and faculty with the skills, knowledge and confidence to promote sustainability awareness and literacy in all forms. This will be accomplished by:
  • increasing sustainability literacy through coursework, volunteer experiences, and leadership events
  • engaging in real-world sustainability focused experience
  • cultivating leadership skills, critical and creative thinking
  • inspiring commitment and involvement to a substantiality literate College of Charleston community
Upon successful completion of the SLSP, students will possess the ability to take sustainability literacy forward in their lives, both personally and professionally.
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What are the Requirements?

We want to be here for you and help guide you through the process of becoming a resilient advocate on campus.
So we have created a run through of all the necessary requirements in becoming and maintaining your position as Sustainability Scholar at the College of Charleston.


Students must complete at least 9 credit hours total of Sustainability Focused (SF) or Sustainability Related (SR) courses :
Classes must include one of each of the following:
  • 1 SF or SR class on Economics
  • 1 SF or SR class on Society/Equity
  • 1 SF or SR class on Environment
This means that you need three classes with 3 credit hours of SF or SR courses.
Don't know what classes are offered?

Academic Advising

Upon entering the SLSP, students will be assigned a SLSP mentor. Students are required to meet at least once per semester with their mentor in order to track their progress throughout the program. Mentors should act as a resource to students to develop an explore various paths through Sustainability Literacy. They should also act as an advisor in the development and implementation of volunteer projects as well as portfolio projects.
List of Potential Advisors


Students will be required to apply to the SLSP via the online application.
Any work submitted in order to apply to the SLS program should be kept in a digital file and saved as a word document.  Once accepted into the program, students will be asked to upload their application essay responses to their sustainability portfolio. 

More Questions?

We've got your back! Read the SLSP manual or contact one of our leaders!