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Sustainability literacy can be achieved in many ways. One direct approach for students is to take courses that inform about various areas of sustainability, including social, environmental and economic. (See the list of example courses below that have been approved for the 2018-2019 academic year.)  Sustainability literacy courses can be found by an SF (sustainability focused) or SR (sustainability related) label when looking to register for courses.  Faculty who desire to teach an SF or SR course can find an application to do so here. 

Students can also work with faculty on summer research related to a faculty's sustainability expertise.  Examples of past research include students working with faculty on projects related to religious narratives around the Bamberg, SC Healing Springs and how these inform community access to water; undertaking theater workshpos and pedagogy related to issues fo racial justice; completing a mentored literature review on environmental sociology to help rewuire a manuscript; and undertaking fieldowrk related to sustainabiliyt policy in South Carolina.  Faculty who desire to work with students on a summer research project can find an application to do so here.

Students can also embrace sustainability literacy through expression. That approach is epitomized in the QEP art exhibit that's currently on display inAddlestone Library. Read about it here.