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For the fall of 2018, the Sustainability Literacy Institute is planning and helping to coordinate a slew of important events that will help raise awareness about sustainability.

Event Feature:

“Woke to Social Justice”

Woke Exhibit

“Be woke.”

"That’s a refrain from a poem written by Nia-Semone McIntyre, a junior studying political science at the College of Charleston. McIntryre’s poem, an ode to the victims of lynchings across South Carolina, was displayed as part of a powerful art exhibit shown last spring at Charleston’s City Gallery titled “WOKE: Rattling Bones, Conversations, Sacred Rites and Holy Places.” Now, her poem is part of another powerful exhibit – “Woke to Social Justice” – which is on display in the Addlestone Library rotunda through Sept. 21, 2018."


Please see fine text for Sustainability Literacy Institute funded or sustainability related events on campus!