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Courses and Projects

Sustainability literacy can be achieved in many ways. One direct approach for students is to take courses that inform about various areas of sustainability, including social, environmental and economic. (See the list of courses below that have been approved for the 2017-2018 academic year.)

Students can also embrace sustainability literacy through expression. That approach is epitomized in the QEP art exhibit that's currently on display in Addlestone Library. Read about it here.

Sustainability-Focused Courses

Class and Projects

Talking About Water: Communication Planning for Sustainable Use in Local Communities (COMM 336)

Water Issues in the News (COMM 410)

Special Topics: Sustainable Food Systems (ENVT 352)

Biomimicry: Nature as Mentor (FYSE)

Special Topics in Geography: Comparative Indigenous Water Rights and Governance (GEOG 301)

The Calamitous Fourteenth Century (HIST 270) 

Sustainable Museum Exhibition Planning and Design (ANTH 319)

Water in the Urban Environment (HONS 380)

Design and Planning for Sustainable Landscapes – from large scale to backyard (HPCP 290)

Resources for Research - Sustainably Equipping Nonprofits (LIBR 105)

Schooling and Cultural and Linguistic Sustainability in Tribal India (ANTH 319/SOCT 359) study abroad summer 2017

Special Topics in American Politics – Sustainable Resource Management (POLI 319)

Special Topics: Sustainable Real Estate Investments (REAL 360)

Religion, Water and Sustainability (RELS 298/EVNT 352)

Green Supply Chain Managementn (SCIM 371)

Special Topics in Social Psychology: The Sociology of Sustainability and Consumption (SOCY 339)

Cruise Industry Sustainability for the 21st Century (HTMT 310)

Sustainability and Economic Development (ECON 360/ENVT 352)

Sustainability-Related Courses

Evolution, Form and Function of Organisms (BIOL 112)

Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation Biology (BIOL 211)

Biology of Fishes (BIOL 335)

Oceanography (BIOL 342)

Plant Physiology (BIOL 304)

Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 422)

Software Engineering Practicum (CSCI 462)

A Glimpse into India (FYSE)

Principles of Nutrition (HEAL 257)

Latin America Since Independence (HIST 263)

Resources for Research: Water, What is it Good For? (LIBR 105)

Special Topics: Social Welfare Policy and Sustainability (POLI 339)

Lean and Six Sigma Systems (SCIM 366)

Supply Chain and Operations Strategy (SCIM 424)

Sustainable Food Systems/Sustainable Resource Management (EVNT 352/POLI 339 A Learning Community Course)