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SLI Graduate Assistants

Meet our Graduate Assistants

Train Your Brain

One out of the two graduate assistants have been chosen to assist with the work of the SLI. They are as follows:

Zach Stephens

Zachary Stephens

Zachary is a Masters of Environmental Studies student here at The College of Charleston. His research interests include corporate sustainability, urban resilience, and state water law. Zachary is currently the Graduate Assistant for Outreach and Communication for The Sustainability Literacy Institute and serves as the Greek Liaison for the Institute. Zachary is an active leader within the campus community currently completing his term as the Vice-President of the Graduate Student Association.


Alexandra is a Masters of Community Planning, Policy, and Urban Design at The College of Charleston. Her research interests include sustainable community planning, urban resilience, and community socioeconomics.  Alexandra is currently the Graduate Assistant for Student and Faculty Outreach for The Sustainability Literacy Institute.