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Sustainability – as defined by the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan – is the ability to integrate economic, social and environmental systems in ways that allow for individual, institutional, community, regional and planetary resilience. And it is the objective of our QEP to enhance student learning by helping students acquire sustainability literacy. This means having the knowledge and skills to advocate for resilient social, economic and environmental systems. In some circles, this is known as the triple bottom line.

At the College, all of our community members – students, faculty and staff – must develop an understanding that environmental, social and economic sustainability are not independent of one another, but rather they are inextricably linked. 

This website will assist campus community members in understanding the steps that are being taken as part of the QEP to advance sustainability literacy at the College.  


To invite campuswide participation in the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), three avenues of advocacy will be developed: education, empowerment and expression.

To help focus the QEP, a yearly theme will be selected, and this will be known as CofC Sustains/Solves. For the 2017-18 academic year, the theme will be water quality and quantity, and our collective work will focus on how population growth, global warming and pollution threaten Earth’s potable water supplies. 

Effectively, water quality and quantity will be the lens through which the campus cultivates sustainability literacy. By creating learning contexts that analyze and study how the triple bottom line impacts water systems from local to global levels, students will begin becoming literate on this topic.

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