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What is the Changemaker Challenge?

The Changemaker Challenge is a campus-wide call for interdisciplinary student teams, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, to propose a solution to an issue that you are passionate about!

This is a great opportunity to create a solution to a problem AND win up to $5,000!

To be a competitor in the Changemaker Challenge, you should grab some friends and enter your chosen problem and idea for a solution for a chance to win up to $5000, great portfolio pieces, great networking opportunites…and the chance to DO SOMETHING about a problem you can’t actually wipe off the face of the earth alone.

Don't know what issue(s) on which to focus your proect? The social justice and fair distribution theme is a great way to center the issues you are most passionate about solving! What kinds of social justice problems do we have here on campus? In Charleston? In SC or your home state? In the South? In the US? In the world?

Register for Spring 2019 Workshops here!

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What do you need to do to participate?

If you want to shine a spotlight on a social justice issue that worries you or you just want a way to make a positive difference in the world, participate in this year’s Changemaker Challenge!
1. Bring your problem (or get an idea from us) and research and write a 1-2 page handout about a social justice problem you would like to participants to work on in the challenge.
2. Attend (optional) workshops offered at various times throughout the spring 2018 semester for help developing ideas for solutions. 
3. Present your problem/solution in March 2019 as a poster and a 3-minute pitch to compete for prize money!

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How does this benefit me?

By participating in the Changemaker Challenge, you will be able to create well developed portfolio pieces to provide to future employers, network with members in the community who can help you formulate a plan to address your chosen issue, and a chance to do something about an issue that may effect your local, regional, or even national or international community.
You can be a change agent and we can provide you with the skills and knowledge to make an impactful difference!
Plus, you have the chance to win up to $5,000!!


What are the workshops and how are they related to the Changemaker event?

The workshops come in two parts, Part 1: Identifying the Problem and Part 2: Creating a Solution.

At both, SLI Innovation Fellow Dave Hansen, will provide you with the knowledge and skills that will put you ahead in the competition when it comes time for the presentation of your projects.
Are they required? No, but we believe the more you know, the better change you have at winning up to $5,000! And who doesn't want every bit of leverage they can when it comes to that amount of money!

Spring Workshop Dates:

Part I: Understanding the Challenge

Part II: Solutions for Change

Jan 30
Stern 206
Feb 4
Maybank 322
Feb 7
Maybank 322
Feb 13
Stern 201
Feb 18
Stern 409
Feb 22
Stern 409

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As we plan our second annual Changemaker Challenge, we are looking for a wide array of input to ensure that we cover all the important angles of social justice.

If you would rather not be a part of the whole competition, you can participate in this important initiative just by researching and submitting a 1-2 page handout detailing a social justice problem for someone else to work on.

To submit a social justice problem, use the template provided here
Create a detailed description (handout) of your most concerning social justice issue or problem. This will take some research, but making change isn’t easy.
If you have an idea and don't know how to take the next step forward, check out
SLI Resources page or contact our Innovation Fellow, Dave Hansen.